It’s the support for me!

A few days ago I (randomly) decided that I wanted to share reviews and testimonials about the diaper bank. So, I sent out the following message: “Will you send me a testimony/review for the diaper bank; as a volunteer/supporter/observer? I want to share it to the diaper bank’s social media pages.”

When I tell you, a girl’s family, friends, coworkers, diaper bank families, volunteers, and supporters came through!!!!!

It is not taken lightly the time and effort others have put into my passion. A passion that grew out of my own need, a need I saw in others, and the lack of resources available.

At the time of this blog post, I have already begun to share the reviews and testimonials that I have received. I am beyond blessed and touched by the words that have been shared about me and Bottoms Up Diaper Bank. It lets me know that the work I am doing is seen and there is value in what I have chosen to do.

In this post, I have provided the reviews and observations of my family. I hope that as you are reading their words you feel, at least, a fraction of the love that I felt when I read them.

Danielle is a very committed young mother of three children, a teenage son and two lovely daughters. She’s always talking and promoting Bottoms up diaper bank. We were at the Hillcrest football game and she encouraged all my partners there to support the diaper bank either with diapers or a cash donation. She has all her family & family members involved. My grand-kids are diaper bank Ambassadors, they assist in unmeasurable ways. So if you can, when you can please help her help young babies and their mothers have much needed clean diapers for those precious bottoms. We need all the help available to help more babies. Please support Bottoms up Diaper bank! A proud father. Be Blessed! šŸ¤—

Daddy, Jimmy

Observing the work Danielle does to operate the diaper bank and giving to support resilient people who have a need for diapers undoubtedly cultivates gratitude.My awareness of others need is amplified by the facts and data she shares as well. I think that knowing how many people need help just to get basic essentials puts any personal problems into perspective and has made me more grateful for what I have.

Sister, Asenath

Bottoms Up Diaper Bank is an awesome organization! I have seen and heard the impact that they have made on others, knowing that there is some form of assistance that does not require any pre-qualifications. Seeing the gratitude that parents have when they show up, gives me an appreciation of what I have and what we can do for others. God blesses us to bless others.

Brother, Erik

Danielle works diligently running the diaper bank. She has sacrificed her time, energy, and resources to ensure that the diaper bank runs smoothly. Danielle and the Bottoms Up Diaper Bank are a wonderful benefit to the community they serve.

Sister, Jamelia

As a parent you want your children to become good, conscientious, productive citizens in society. Danielle and her vision exemplify this. To read more of mom’s reflections, please check out Reflections of a proud mom (yes she has her own blog post)

Momma, Dionne

As always, thank you for your continued support of myself and Bottoms Up Diaper Bank, and the things we are doing in West Alabama.

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