We are who we are because of their support

Striving to help others is rooted and grounded into the love that Ms. Danielle Edison Lee’s has for others. I can remember how adamant she was in starting “Bottoms Up Diaper Bank”. Because of her energy and persistency, Woman To Woman, Inc. assisted in accommodating space so that many indigent single moms could come pick up diapers for their babies.

Ms Lee was a single parent, as well, but was a “Go Getter”. She was not one to sit and wait. Her energy level was, “Open the door and I’ll get it myself”. Therefore, she has motivated, inspired, and encouraged her peers, to use her services as a stepping stone. Her journey began in Greene County, but has spread abroad. She now believe, “Yes Lord let this my Motto be, the more I do for others, the more I live like Thee.”

I pray that the above is sufficient to be included in your memoir. Please feel free to delete, or critique. I’m so very proud of your growth. Keep up the good work!

Johnnie Knott, Woman to Woman Inc