Bottoms Up Updates!!!!!

Great things have been happening for Bottoms Up Diaper Bank. We have been slowly increasing the number of families that we serve as well as increased our partnerships/connections.

Pop-up distributions– In April 2022, Mrs. Shaw (Forest Lake United Methodist Church) had the idea to do a pop up distribution at a local food drive. Grace Presbyterian, does a monthly food drive where Mrs. Shaw also volunteers. During our regular monthly distribution, Mrs. Shaw packs about 1200 diapers/training pants in her van for Grace Presbyterian. While at Grace Presbyterian, Mrs. Shaw goes to the cars waiting and asks if there is a baby in the home and if there is a need for diaper/training pants. Once information is collected she then goes with her bag of diapers and gives to families. During the pop-up distribution we have been able to serve an average of 40-50 additional families and children.

*As of this post, we have done 3 pop-up distributions at Grace Presbyterian.

Chamber of Commerce-On June 28th we took the leap and joined The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama. Joining the Chamber of Commerce was one of the things we were putting off. Why? I couldn’t tell you. One thing I can say is that just in the few weeks since joining we have made several connections and at least one partnership to help us to expand our reach in the community. As a bonus we will be having an official ribbon cutting with the chamber on Aug. 18, 2022!!! We are super excited about the things that are in the works for us and being able to serve more families.

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