If I Knew Then, What I know Now

The Bottoms Up Diaper Bank is a blessing to needing mothers to assist with lessening the load of the financial burden of simply purchasing diapers. The saved funds can be utilized to provide other necessities for their families, also considering the holiday season.

Had I been aware of a support organization such as Bottoms Up during my experience as a single teenage mother; I would have greatly appreciated and benefited from the assistance. As I worked full -time hours and maintain honor roll as a high school student; majority of my income was allocated for diapers, daycare, and my son’s other necessities. At that time minimum wage was not as it is now.

From experience, I am overjoyed that Bottoms Up has the opportunity to assist young women such as myself and those that are just in a season of need. It’s encouraging and motivating to help other mothers in their time of need.

As my mother has always said, “We know where we have been, but we don’t know where we are going .” Keep up the great work Bottoms Up as you are a blessing to others.

—Frederica McKinney

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