Diaper on deck!!!

Earlier this month we received a message from one of our diaper bank friends (Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank). They stated that they had an excess of size one diapers and wanted to send them to us, if we could use them and form a partnership. Of course we accepted! They told us we would be getting around 10,000 diapers and did we have space to store them. 

We had to take a pause because we don’t have our own physical site, we partner with others to store our diapers. We called one of our donation drop-off sites for assistance. Forest Lake United Methodist Church, agreed to let us use one of their classrooms. 

Based on our messaging with Bundles of Hope, we were expecting 10,000 diapers ranging in sizes one through three. Receiving the smaller size diapers would free us up to focus on collecting & purchasing larger sized diapers & training pants. It was not till the day before delivery that we found out that we were not getting 10,000 diapers, but 34,000 diapers! 34,000 diapers!

After about 5 years of communication, on Wednesday, Aug. 18th, we officially met Bundles of Hope and received our biggest donation. When they opened the trailer to 34,000 diapers, we could do nothing but gasp as the shear about the diaper that was before us. The fact that Bundles of Hope, not only was donating us so many diapers, they also brought them from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa.

We thank Woman to Woman Inc, for their continued support and sponsorship.

We thank Forest Lake United Methodist Church for allowing us to use their facilities to store our diapers.

We are thankful for Bundles of Hope for their support and partnership. For more information on Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank, check out their website: https://www.bundlesdiaperbank.org/ 

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