National Diaper Need Awareness Week

National Diaper Need Awareness Week Sept. 27, 2021 to Oct. 3, 2021 What is “diaper need”? Diaper need is defined as, not having a sufficient & adequate supply of diapers in order to keep babies dry and healthy. Not having a sufficient supply of diaper can lead to financial, emotional, and health issues. Not havingContinue reading “National Diaper Need Awareness Week”

In the news

Article by: Shelby Weiss, posted to the Tusclaoosa Thread on 2/12/2021 Article by: Mary K, posted to 92.9 website on 6/14/2021 Article by: Mary K, posted to 92.9 website on 9/9/2021 City of Eutaw coverage of the council meeting where we were presented with the “Diaper Need Awareness” proclamation. Diaper Needs AwarenessContinue reading “In the news”

Our 1st distribution day

On Saturday Jan. 9th, Bottoms Up Diaper Bank, sponsored by Woman to Woman held its first distribution day.  Diapers, pull-ups, and wipes were distributed to families. In order to receive diapers parents/guardians must complete an application. Income or employment status does not exempt a family from receiving our service. Bottoms Up Diaper Bank is supported byContinue reading “Our 1st distribution day”