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Benefits of volunteering

Lately, I have been having a hard time coming up with captions for diaper bank pictures for our social media pages; and other ways to make Giving Tuesday posts. As I was looking through diaper bank pictures for inspiration, I noticed there were lots of pictures of my volunteers and I in action. So, I…

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Reflections of a proud mom

I have watched the vision of Bottoms Up Diaper Bank take shape and grow from the bottom up.  As a single mom, Danielle’s own diaper need enabled her to understand the struggle of others. She didn’t wait until life was smooth to lend a hand. She began by helping one friend and then families on…

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It’s the support for me!

A few days ago I (randomly) decided that I wanted to share reviews and testimonials about the diaper bank. So, I sent out the following message: “Will you send me a testimony/review for the diaper bank; as a volunteer/supporter/observer? I want to share it to the diaper bank’s social media pages.” When I tell you,…

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Diaper Need Awareness Week 2022

Can’t believe Fall is almost here! With Fall comes Diaper Need Awareness Week. Diaper Need Awareness Week 2022 is September 24 thru October 2, 2022. Diaper Need Awareness Week is an initiative started by the National Diaper Bank Network as a way to bring awareness to diaper need in our community. 1 in 3 families…

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Ribbon Cutting

As you know, in July, we joined the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama. On Aug. 18th, after six and a half years, we had a ribbon cutting to celebrate joining the chamber of commerce. The event, though small & quick, was super exciting. The cutting was attend by a few family members and a…

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Bottoms Up Updates!!!!!

Great things have been happening for Bottoms Up Diaper Bank. We have been slowly increasing the number of families that we serve as well as increased our partnerships/connections. Pop-up distributions– In April 2022, Mrs. Shaw (Forest Lake United Methodist Church) had the idea to do a pop up distribution at a local food drive. Grace…

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